Heather Cleveland

Heather is the Administrator for Food Freedom Foundation and is responsible for helping the foundation with strategic direction and infrastructure.

As a previous executive director for a farm-to-table nonprofit organization, Heather saw firsthand the struggles farmers, processors, and consumers face due to arbitrary enforcement of rules and regulations. She also witnessed firsthand the difficulty for small businesses to compete with big businesses, and believes that the arbitrary or overreaching rules and regulations are limiting progress, resilience, and the freedom to connect people to good food. 

Heather is passionate about positively impacting our food world and paving the way for more good food for people and more small business opportunities. She previously served in the United States Army National Guard for six years and served a tour in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and was the Food Justice Director for a farm-to-table non-profit called Nourish. Heather has been in the environmental consulting industry for over a decade.

In her free time, Heather enjoys spending time with her husband, Adam, and dog Fred. She also enjoys raising chickens, growing a garden, and creating fermented foods like sourdough and kombucha.