What we do

Food Freedom Foundation facilitates tax deductible donations and funds legal actions that defend farmers and artisan produces from government harassment and overreach.

Our initiatives

Financial support

We support organizations such as the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and its work in protecting farm and food freedom.


We deliver high quality educational resources to our partners, supporters, and the general public about the state of farming and food freedom.

Legal Assistance

We provide compassionate relief to small farmers and local food producers suffering hardships caused by enforcement actions by a government agencies.

We need your support!

Large or small, every donation gets us one step closer to achieving our mission of supporting local farms, the individuals and families than operate them, and their connection to the communities they feed.

who we work with

Individual donors

We work with individual donors who are passionate about knowing where their food comes from and supporting their local food producers.

Corporate donors

We also work with large donors who perceive problems with the food system, regulations, and government overreach and want to make a lasting change.

Funds raised will go to support small farmers and artisan producers encountering barriers that stand in their way of producing and delivering food to consumers.

causes we support

raw milk

raw butter


meat processing

Cottage food law

poultry processing

Make your donation today

Great things can be accomplished when we work together. The success of our efforts are reliant on community involvement, grassroots support, and passionate donors. Just like seeds in the ground, the donation you make today will help us secure the future of small and artisanal farming operations.



A Letter to Our Community: 2021 in Review

Last year brought many changes to the Food Freedom Foundation (FFF) and over the course of 2021, our organization has settled into its new name and look with a greater commitment to our overall mission and values. The Food Freedom Foundation works to create an equitable food system that is fair to small farms and artisan producers, as well as the consumers they serve.

Right to Food

Maine has stood at the forefront of the fight for food sovereignty since its passing of the Maine Food Sovereignty Act in 2007. In its latest move for food freedom, Maine voters said yes to the constitutional amendment establishing a constitutional “Right to Food” last week. 

Introducing our new Foundation Development Director!

We enthusiastically welcome Alana Wilson from Denver, CO. She brings to us fundraising skills, donor engagement and stewardship, and communications skills (social media and newsletter).

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