Pete Kennedy, Esq.
Executive Director

About Pete

Pete is an attorney in Sarasota, Florida, who works on state legislation and policy regarding raw milk, cottage foods, food sovereignty, and on-farm/custom slaughter of meat and poultry--consulting on any effort to change state administrative regulations and policies. He has worked on successful state legislative efforts in all these areas. He has also worked on numerous matters for farmers at the administrative level involving FDA and USDA, state health and agriculture departments, and local health departments to protect farmers threatened by enforcement actions such as handling food seizures, embargo and recall cases, right-to-farm and zoning issues as well as problems with local ordinances.

Pete was a founding board member of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) and served as vice president and then president for many years as well as providing member services on behalf of FTCLDF and now for the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) while also advising on policy and legal matters.

Pete has worked on issues governing raw milk production and distribution since 2004, and he compiled a summary of raw milk laws in each of the fifty states that was posted on for WAPF. He has drafted and reviewed herdshare agreements; worked on embargo, seizure, and recall cases involving raw dairy products; and consulted on foodborne illness outbreaks attributed to raw milk consumption.