2020 Year End Letter

January 22, 2021

We’ve had another exciting year at Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund Foundation. You may notice we’ve changed our look. Yes, during 2020, we’ve shifted our name and branding to Food Freedom Foundation. We think our new name better reflects the organization values and the broader reach reflected in our new mission statement. 

The Food Freedom Foundation supports the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and their work to hold local governments accountable for overreach, even when it was interpreting state and federal law incorrectly, and taking advantage of citizens who cannot afford legal counsel to fight back. Case examples include: Defend. Protect. Advocate.

  1. When a local health department in Minnesota shut down a buying club and confiscated hundreds of pounds of food, we advocated returning food to the coop members. 
  2. Defended a small farm in Michigan when the County unlawfully forced removal of their high tunnel where they grew vegetables.
  3. Successfully defended a New Hampshire farmer against baseless cruelty to animal charges. 
  4. Successfully advocated for dismissal of improper zoning restrictions against a small Pennsylvania farmer. 
  5. Protected a California vegetable grower from harassment by local administration officials who alleged ordinance violations.
  6. Defending production for a permit denial for goat milk gelato because the state incorrectly alleged that the gelato had to be pasteurized twice and confiscated her product. 
  7. Advocating for a small sustainable farmer that was unable to obtain an agricultural exemption from the County assessor’s office because it “didn’t’ look like a farm,” i.e., didn’t look like a conventional industrial farm. 

Please consider sending your tax-deductible contribution using the enclosed donation card and envelope or visiting our website:

The events of 2020 have shown us how important it is to support local farmers and local food distribution systems. The farmers and artisan food producers whose work you support appreciate your contributions. If you value small, sustainable family farms and locally produced food, please donate.


Elizabeth Rich, President

Kay Craig, Treasurer

Said Abdallah, VP

Food Freedom Foundation Board of Directors

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